Jonathan Michel



Jonathan Michel

Born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut Jonathan Michel is a bassist, composer and arranger of Haitian descent. 

Based in New York City, Michel is an eclectic artist known for his work as a producer and arranger, as well as performances all over the world. Some associated acts include Billy Paul, Laurin Talese, Soul Science Lab, Melanie Charles, Godwin Louis and Orrin Evans.


L' Ouverture is a collective of musicians with a familial, social or artistic connection to Haïti, celebrating its rich music and culture along with that of the African Diaspora.

Curated by Jonathan Michel, L' Ouverture's name refers to both the leader of the Haïtian Revolution, Toussaint L'Ouverture, and the word's literal meaning (The Opening). Implying

"an opening for those outside the culture to experience the music and stories of the Haïtian people...and to inspire those who are from the ‘motherland’ but are physically away to keep Haïti in their hearts, minds and actions.” (Sharonne Cohen. Afropop Worldwide)