Summer 2018: Director - Kunga Choephel


Experience Ayiti (XA) 2017 Jazz Concert @ Le Villate in Haiti featuring: Pauline Jean (vocals), Godwin Louis (alto sax), Aaron Goldberg (piano), Jonathan Michel (bass), Etienne Charles (percussion), Harvel Nakundi (drums) Music: Ginga Carioca by Hermeto Pascoal (Arranged by Godwin Louis)

The Eyes projects: SOPH-EYE RICHARD, Vocals & JONATHAN MICHEL, Bass

Haitian Jazz Project at Clark University

A quick word from bassist, Jonathan Michel on the new EP, 'Unseen' from Mary Akpa

The Working Artist project is our attempt to answer questions and confront challenges that artists face on a daily basis. We are taking the time to get to know artist from every field with the intent of debunking the myths, and shedding light on the realities of the artist at work.
Jon Michel performs his original "Beach Bum" with Anwar Marshall on drums, Theo Hill on piano and Charles Washington on trumpet.